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"Of the mark that a body leaves in the air
and the unchanging rock that soars into the sky

Sculpting the air as the sound sculptures silence
suspends time and opens up to the unspeakable"

throughout his peregrination, pierre fourré was nourished by french poetics and italian rigor. sincere and demanding composer, he seeks in the poetics of the body and in the outpouring of voice, what silence has to tell us.

after practicing classical, jazz, mandingo and afro-cuban percussion, he moved on to the conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de paris, where he mainly studied instrumental and electroacoustic composition, as well as analysis, orchestration, music history, medieval counterpoint and conducting. he asserts his quest for a music at the frontier of worlds, nourished by his experiences in the spheres of jazz, hip-hop and fusion, as well as by his encounters with Indian, Balinese, African and Aboriginal music.

his music has been performed by the ensemble interContemporain, the ensemble Aleph, musicians from the CNSMDP and conducted by Léo Margue, Clara Baget and Kyrian Freidenberg.

his piece Reflet d'ombre received a prize from the Sacem in 2018, Sous le miroir de lumière won a first prize at the 5th international composer competition in Kazakhstan and a special prize at the 3rd Ise-Shima International Composition Competition, and his piece Là où les murs s'effondrent was recorded by the trumpeter Noé Nillni on his CD Les Larmes ... Coup de Coeur 2023 from Académie Charles Cros.
he receive support from the Fondation de France in 2023, from the Société Générale sponsorship in 2019, 2020 and 2024, from the Tarrazi funds in 2019 and 2020, the Carasso funds in 2020 and the Jabès legacy in 2021.

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