" Of the mark that a body leaves in the air
and the unchanging rock that soars into the sky

Sculpting the air as the sound sculptures silence
suspends time and opens up to the unspeakable "

throughout his peregrination, pierre fourré was nourished by french poetics and italian rigor. sincere and demanding composer, he seeks in the dance of the substance, what silence has to tell us.

trained at conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de paris from 2019, he received advice and encouragement from various personalities, such as yves chauris, alessandro solbiati, frédéric durieux, yan maresz, luis naòn, grégoire glorieux, toshio hosokawa, philippe leroux, marc-andré dalbavie, ...

he received the support of fond Tarrazi, fond Carasso, from mécénat Société Générale, and of Legs Jabès